Suburban Estates

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If you are interested in helping playtest, or would like to inquire about purchasing a prototype please contact us.

Game Description

Do you have what it takes? This dynamic game of buying and selling suburban homes combines strategy and luck to provide you, your family and friends with an entertainment experience that is unparalleled. Work your way around the board playing the volatile market to buy and sell at the most opportune moments to accrue wealth and sales and become the next Suburban Estates real estate mogul.

Players drive around the suburban neighborhoods looking for the best home buying deal on the market. If your keen strategy and luck would have it, you’ll buy low, the market will change in your favor, and then you’ll sell high – taking in the large profit! But, beware. The market is volatile, and you’ll have to be at the top of your game to come out ahead of the other players. Be the first player to accrue $3 million in home sales and have $1.5 million cash on hand to become the coveted real estate mogul and win the game!

Suburban Estates