The Quantum Force

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If you are interested in helping playtest, or would like to inquire about purchasing a prototype please contact us.

Game Description

Black Holes, Wormholes, Time Dilation – Can you master the laws of nature? Explore the world of physics from the far reaches of space to the smallest reaches of atoms as you search for the coveted pulsar stones. But beware, the strange effects of each realm may engulf, contract, dilate, and even entangle you along the way. This game will test your skills and enlighten your mind as you discover the weird twists and turns of modern physics and strive to become the ultimate quantum force!

In this game of twists and turns, each player works their way around the game board striving to explore each realm, uncover pulsar stones and gain points before their number of turns run out. The player with the most points when all players have exhausted their time or when all pulsar stones have been uncovered, wins. Sounds easy enough, right? Not so fast….the other players aren’t your only concern….As each realm is explored the effects of the quantum force cards may severely, significantly, or serendipitously alter your course in search for the coveted pulsar stones!

Quantum Force