Caper Town

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Game Description

Can you and your team of sleuths be the first to find and capture the criminal? In this daring game of strategy and intrigue, you and your team must work efficiently and effectively to catch the criminal before the other teams nab their own guy. But watch out. If you run out of time, your criminal will escape leaving your team wondering what went wrong and second guessing every move. This team-based, strategy-filled game of crime fighting will provide you, your family, and friends with a night of fun, laughter, and competition.

In this criminal game of strategy and teamwork, each team is given a crime to investigate and the criminal must be found and captured – all in within a certain time limit. Be the first team to succeed and you win! Go fast to work your way around town collecting tips, evidence, and warrants to zone in on catching the bad guy. Think you’ve got ‘em? Be careful, because your criminal can quickly move to a new location if he’s catching on to you. Go catch your criminal detectives!

Caper Town